Traditional martial arts, powerful self defense

Traditional Martial Arts, Powerful Self Defense

Martial arts and more for:

Kids, Families

Martial arts training for the whole family.


More than kicking and punching: power and control.


Age, size, gender is not a barrier.


Find balance in your life, find your ZEN.


Classes for everyone.


Global martial arts.

Black Belt Grading

Melbourne Hapkido Academy announces that it will be holding a Black Belt grading on Saturday 26th November 2024.     Black Belt A black belt is someone who did not give up and completed the foundation of Hapkido martial arts techniques, for a black belt is the beginning of your Hapkido martial arts journey.  A

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Next Gradings: Melbourne Hapkido Academy announces the last colour belt gradings for 2024 will be at 9:30am on Saturday 11th May 2024. These are exciting times when students demonstration their newly acquired skills.     For more information on Hapkido training:    

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South Korea tour 2024

South Korea, Korea Moo Moo Kwan Hapkido Association adventure, November 2024, Here we come… Master Cairney is once again taking a group of black belts to South Korea to attend the Korea Moo Moo Kwan Hapkido Association annual end of year black belt and masters training in November. The tour includes 10 days for training,

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The Oldest. The First. Unequalled.

March 2023 – 60 years of Moo Moo Kwan Hapkido. Grand Master Kim Young-man began his Moo Moo Kwan school in March of 1963 during a tumultuous time in South Korea’s history. Grand Master Kim’s persistence has seen Moo Moo Kwan to become the oldest Hapkido school today, with branches all over the world. Moo

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Hapkido & Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee: “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.“ (Bruce Lee studied Hapkido under Grandmaster Ji Han-Jae). Time to get active and do the worlds most dynamic, powerful and traditional martial art – Hapkido, which even Bruce Lee understood. CLICK HERE to book you try-out class. For

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Solar Powered for our Planet

Melbourne Hapkido Academy is Solar Powered. Self defence for our planet. Since August 2020 Melbourne Hapkido Academy has invested in  solar power to help do our bit protecting the environment while we train.  Melbourne Hapkido Academy is 100% solar powered for ten (10) months of the year, and over 85% solar powered during the shorter winter

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Join us on your martial arts journey:

The best testament is now, 7+ years later, kids are both still going strong with their commitment to training and are junior black belts.

k foh

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The masters are knowledgeable and professional. The program is enriching and useful. All very friendly and supportive of one another.

Grace Liu

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Dedicated instructors and excellent facilities.


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It has a great community / family friendly atmosphere.


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Such a great and friendly environment

Saeed Nouri

( Google (5 Stars) )

Great club and community. Facilities are excellent and there's attention to detail in everything taught and practiced. Both Masters are incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and have made my return to Martial Arts an enjoyable one.


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A very friendly and welcoming environment. Very supportive of beginners and people new to martial arts.


( Google 5 Stars )

An excellent martial arts training gym. Highly trained instructors and clean modern facilities.

Alexander Murray

( Google 5 Star )

Excellent Dojang, first rate instructors, friendly environment, great team.


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The facility is fantastic, the instructors amazing and the other students are great to train with. All in all a really great atmosphere.


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Such friendly, caring and patient instructors, who have built a culture based on respect and self improvement.


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Grand Master Craig Cairney

Master Instructor

Douglas Morrison


Master Olaf Boon

Master Instructor

Todd Pearce