Traditional martial arts, powerful self defense

Traditional Martial Arts, Powerful Self Defense

Martial arts and more for:

Kids, Families

Martial arts training for the whole family.


More than kicking and punching: power and control.


Age, size, gender is not a barrier.


Find balance in your life, find your ZEN.


Classes for everyone.


Global martial arts.

Black Belt Grading 2020

Hapkido Black Belt Grading KwanJangNim Cairney would like to announce that Melbourne Hapkido Academy will be holding a Korea Moo Moo Kwan Hapkido Association black belt grading on Saturday 2nd May 2020. More details closer to the event.

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Taekwondo Times

Melbourne Hapkido Academy tour of South Korea mentioned in Taekwondo Times. Grand Master Cairney led a team of instructors and black belts to South Korea on a training and cultural tour. The trip was recorded in the international publication Taekwondo Times. Click here for your subscription to Taekwondo Times.

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Bring balance and energy back in to your body and life with Hapki Sundo. Bring balance, vitality and mindfulness back in to your life.   Hap Ki Sun Do – Way  [‘do’] of coordinating [‘hap’] Zen [‘sun’] energy [‘ki’].  Born out of Korean zen mediation and Hapkido traditions, Hapki-SunDo (Hapki-Yoga) is a Korean Zen meditation

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Facebook Feed

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  Melbourne Hapkido Facebook Feed. Get the latest news, events, videos, pictures and all the days action here on our Facebook page. All the action right here:

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Join us on your martial arts journey:

Excellent Dojang, first rate instructors, friendly environment, great team.


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I've been training at Melbourne hapkido academy for almost a year now. The facility is fantastic, the instructors amazing and the other students are great to train with. All in all a really great atmosphere.


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Such friendly, caring and patient instructors, who have built a culture based on respect and self improvement.


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Our Team

Grand Master Craig Cairney

Master Instructor

Douglas Morrison

Trainee Instructor

Master Olaf Boon

Master Instructor

Fabian Kahwati

Assistant Instructor

Todd Pearce

Assistant Instructor

Traditional martial arts, powerful self defense

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