Traditional martial arts, powerful self defense

Traditional Martial Arts, Powerful Self Defense

Martial arts and more for:

Kids, Families

Martial arts training for the whole family.


More than kicking and punching: power and control.


Age, size, gender is not a barrier.


Find balance in your life, find your ZEN.


Classes for everyone.


Global martial arts.

20th Anniversary

4th July 2021. Melbourne Hapkido Academy is celebrating 20 years of teaching, training and developing Korean martial arts. 생일 축하합니다 생일 축하합니다 사랑하는 Melbourne Hapkido Academy 씨 생일 축하합니다 saengil chukahamnida saengil chukahamnida saranghaneun Melbourne Hapkido Academy ssi saengil chukahamnida      

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Certificate, Facemasks & QR Codes

1st November 2021 – target open day. Digital Certificate, Facemasks and QR Codes are compulsory… We are opening soon and as mandated by the Victorian Government “Vaccination is your ticket” to train Hapkido – martial arts. For all students, family and guests attending the dojang ages 12 and over, plus all family and guests attending

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Exclusive Merchandise

Order exclusive Melbourne Hapkido merchandise safely and securely online click here to order. Face masks: washable, triple layered for comfort and safety. Pure cotton t-shirts for comfort and durability. Exclusive zip front hoodies for the cooler seasons ahead. Plus more.         Joining is easy:

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Online Dojang

          Melbourne Hapkido Academy Online. Melbourne Hapkido is highly advanced in providing online training resources for students. Currently in the online dojang for students there are: Over 380 training videos; 30 full length Hapkido classes; Syllabus online (over 150 techniques); 8 full length Hapki-Sundo sessions; Over 3000 photos of past events;

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The Oldest Hapkido School: Moo Moo Kwan

Melbourne Hapkido Academy and Hapkido Brisbane are honoured members of Korea Moo Moo Kwan Hapkido Association. Moo Moo Kwan is the oldest and fastest growing Hapkido school in the world, having been established in 1963 by Grand Master Kim Yong-man. Moo Moo Kwan uphold the highest standards of martial art technique and syllabus, organisational and procedural

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Taekwondo Times

Melbourne Hapkido Academy tour of South Korea mentioned in Taekwondo Times. Grand Master Cairney led a team of instructors and black belts to South Korea on a training and cultural tour. The trip was recorded in the international publication Taekwondo Times. Click here for your subscription to Taekwondo Times.

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Join us on your martial arts journey:

Excellent Dojang, first rate instructors, friendly environment, great team.


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I've been training at Melbourne hapkido academy for almost a year now. The facility is fantastic, the instructors amazing and the other students are great to train with. All in all a really great atmosphere.


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Such friendly, caring and patient instructors, who have built a culture based on respect and self improvement.


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Our Team

Grand Master Craig Cairney

Master Instructor

Douglas Morrison

Trainee Instructor

Master Olaf Boon

Master Instructor

Traditional martial arts, powerful self defense