Hapki-SunDo brings the balance to your Ki through Zen meditation.

Hapki-sundo brings balance to your life.

You can experience the flexibility and good health that can be derived from the fundamental stretches, breathing exercises and postures that form the basis of Hapkido (Korean martial arts).  Both Hapkido and HapKi-SunDo have as a goal the union of the body and mind, but for different purposes.  Whilst Hapkido is a self-defense subject, the best self-defense is to achieve good physical health, which is connected to the ability to achieve good mental health, Hapki-SunDo focuses on the stretching, breathing, mindfulness and balance. 

Take a moment to be still

Through Hapki-SunDo you can take control of your health through your own effort, whilst at the same time stepping into another cultural perspective.  Trainees can enjoy the increased vitality that results from deep breathing exercises (via enhanced intake of oxygen by the lungs), improved posture and flexibility.

“Achieve mindfulness”

Classes are also conducted in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Everyone begins with whatever condition they are in at the time. The goal is to incrementally improve your ability to embrace the movements and exercises.  Those who already enjoy good health and fitness can take on a whole new regime to enhance what they already have achieved. 

Hapki-SunDo is suitable for teenagers and adults of any age and fitness level. Bring balance, vitality and strength back in to your life.

“Co-ordination of energy”

Hap Ki Sun Do – Way  [‘do’] of coordinating [‘hap’] energy [‘ki’] wth Zen [‘sun’]. More details click here.

Become more flexible, develop a stronger more balanced body with improved posture. Restore the balance that we all seek in a busy modern life.

Beginners welcome, every class allows everyone to benefit immediately.

Grand Master Cairney has been studying and practising Sundo – Korean Zen Buddhist meditation, philosophy and exercise since 1995.  20 years later in 2015 Grand Master Cairney introduced Hapki-Sundo.  Grand Master Cairney has been training, teaching, developing and growing Korean martial arts and spiritual arts since 1975.

The Monks Journey

A series of Hapki-Sundo sessions have been recorded for students. 

Students can join the monk on his journey to mindfulness by logging in – click here.

To enquire about joining the monks journey please click here.









To read more about Hapki-Sundo click here.

New HapkiSunDo classes starting when #stayathome restrictions lifted – 5 Week Introduction Course.

Session/Class fees:

  • Members and family: $110
  • Non-members, guests: $150

Bookings: when #stayathome restrictions are lifted

Hapki-Sundo course terms and conditions click here.

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perfect Hapkido technique in action.
Join today, with a bit of hard training you can develop Hapkido skills like these.

3 weeks ago

Melbourne Hapkido Academy

We are filled with excitement as we eagerly wait our return to the dojang on Monday 9th November. We warmly thank-you all for your support and will see you soon.
The effort and energy of the past eight (8) months cannot be truly described. In bedrooms, living rooms, sheds, garages or back yards, from the darkest winter’s night to the light of spring, we kept going. Well done all.

#hapkido #sports #melbourne #taekwondo #martialarts

1 month ago

Melbourne Hapkido Academy

ZERO again – two days in a row ZERO… well done everyone… 🍩🍩
Seeing you all very soon….
Grand Master Cairney & Master Boon 🍩🍩

ZERO again - two days in a row ZERO... well done everyone... 🍩🍩
Seeing you all very soon....
Grand Master Cairney & Master Boon 🍩🍩

1 month ago

Melbourne Hapkido Academy

깜사함니다 Kamsahamnida Thank you

ZERO day… well done everyone… no new COVID-19 infections… thank you everyone for everything we have done together. We can hope to open soon.


깜사함니다 Kamsahamnida Thank you

ZERO day... well done everyone... no new COVID-19 infections... thank you everyone for everything we have done together. We can hope to open soon.

깜사함니다Image attachment

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