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Ki is the word for universal that is known in Korea and Japan.  It is also known as Chi in China, Prana in India (Sanskrit). An acceptance of the existence of Ki is fundamental to the Asian philosophical concepts, such as Yin-Yang and Taoism and Seon/Zen.  Martial arts (including Hapkido), creative arts (such as painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, calligraphy, music and dance), medicine, and all practices that emphasise the connection between mind, body and spirit, such as SunDo, all rely on and utilise Ki energy. 

Ki is energy that is the basis of everything in the universe. It is therefore sometimes described as universal energy. 

Hapkido, literally translates to the way of unifying with/harmonising with/joining with Ki energy, Hapki-Sundo is an extension of Hapkido:

  • Hap – unify/join/harmonise/coordinate
  • Ki – Vital Energy/ Energy of the universe
  • Sun – Korean for ‘Zen’ or ‘Chan’, simplicity and meditation
  • Do – the way/ the discipline/ the art

Specifically, Hapki-Sundo training seeks to understand and access the power of Ki (energy) to maximise the potential for survival in a threatening situation where physical techniques can be used to overcome an aggressor.


However, our greatest enemy is ourselves.    

Fundamentally, when we are born we inherit an original amount of life force that we must use throughout our life.  Additionally, we gain energy through food and through breathing.   

Through Hapki-SunDo we seek to sense and enhance our natural ability to experience the flow of energy within our bodies, removing blockages. The basis of energy flow throughout our bodies is understood in the same manner as in oriental therapy systems.  There are twelve meridians or rivers of energy (Kyung Rak) that flow through our body, with specific points that can be accessed to provide treatment such as in acupuncture, acupressure or Ji-Ap (Shiatsu). These meridians are linked to the major organ systems.  Theoretically, a body that is free of blockages in these meridians can achieve optimal health. 

Some areas along theses energy lines are referred to as chakras.   These are energy centres that can be focussed on in training.  The main energy centres for training in Hapki-SunDo are located on the centreline of the body ( see diagram below) .  These are widely understood by the term “chakra”. The most important chakra in Hapki-SunDo is located just below the navel and is called the Hadan-DanJeon (lower level energy centre). It is here that we aim to focus our mind and bring fresh energy into our bodies and accumulate it.  

By attaining flexibility in our body we can reduce blockages in the energy pathways and achieve better energy flow, leading to natural balance.


Training consists of:

  • Warm up and loosening exercises
  • Stretches
  • Postures
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Slow movements
  • Meditation
  • Exploration of oriental thought systems including Taosim, Seon (Zen/Chan) and Buddhism that have influenced the development of Hapkido historically.

Introductory Workshops are offered to enable students to understand the basic concepts and nature of the subject.

The Monks Journey

A series of Hapki-Sundo sessions have been recorded for students. 

Students can join the monk on his journey to mindfulness by clicking here.

To enquire about joining the monks journey please click here.

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5 days ago

Melbourne Hapkido Academy

Melbourne Hapkido Academy is fully climate controlled for training in all weather conditions while saving the environment with solar power.

Melbourne Hapkido Academy is fully climate controlled for training in all weather conditions while saving the environment with solar power.

2 weeks ago

Melbourne Hapkido Academy

Happy New Year

4 weeks ago

Melbourne Hapkido Academy

Saturday 19th December 9:30am combined class all ages all grades the last class of 2020.

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas Master Min Kyu Song. Have a happy and safe new year.

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WOW, awesome board breaking by Moo Moo Kwan demo team.

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