Hi Todd,

here is the stuff to help with the new kitchen.

We will add more items here as we go.




PDF of measurements.










With the appliances having a little problem with keeping it all in the brand family.  I initially went based on Choice recommendations, a visit to E&S, and price. Then may be thinking that if you keep it in the brand family there a better negotiating options, better deals. Miele is to expensive, I think based on list prices, Neff does not cover all the bases. Bosch and Siemens have all the items. Just that E&S do not list a Bosch fridge.   The table below are the spec sheets provided by E&S and Winning Appliances.

Siemens (E&S info)BoschMiele
EandS spend $8999 on Siemens kitchen package get free fridge/freeze [the same model as we have choosen] (click picture for link to E&S page)

Dishwasher iQ300 series SN436S01JA $1299 (list)
The iQ500 is up to $400 more.
Induction cooktop iQ700 series - this is the 60cm EX675LYC1E $2298 (list), there is an 80cm EX875KYW1EInduction cooktopMIELE KM7564FL 62CM INDUCTION COOKTOP
273ltr integrated fridge iQ500 series KI86NAD30A
Reviews: local and NL 4stars+
Integrated 254ltr fridge (Winning Appliances not found on E&S). Excellent reviewsMIELE KS37422ID 334L INTEGRATED COLUMN FRIDGE
Oven, steam & microwave iQ700 series HN878G4B6B $4598 (list)(excellent reviews).
Oven steam, not with microwave (Bosch does not seem to have one)



Bosch built in microwave



Bosch does have a Series 8 microwave/oven combo, but not with steam function
To this point, not including the fridge, list price: dishwasher $1299 + Oven $4598 + Cooktop $2298 = $8195 list price add Siemens 60cm pull out rangehood $899 = $9094 list price
52cm in-cupboard rangehood
This faired very poorly in the Choice reviews (59%), noisy and low performance, plus the lights cannot be replaced with out a technician, filters are hard to replace. The vastly more expensive Miele (78%) is only 1% from the top rangehood (ridiculous at $1999). The Siemens LI67SA530A 60cm retractable/slide-out (at 68%) is a 20% +/- better than the LB57574AU and much much quieter (better than the Miele):
Siemens LI67SA530A at $899 E&S list price ($864 Winning Appliances).
Siemens LI67SA530A 60cm pull-out rangehood.
E&S Web listed price $12753 Siemens
E&S Miele almost equivalent $14245 - oven no microwave combo option, bigger fridge 334Ltr

Other items

Blanco Naya 8S sink, rear mounted drain holes for better under bench plumbing - OR equivalent. Left or right depends on other design factors.





E&S and Bunnings $799 approx.


Note: requirement to have isolation taps to be installed. Currently water can only be turned off from mains in front garden beds.


Blanco ADON. The way I see it is that the side sink might sit on top of the bench or on top of sub straight that benchtop sits on i.e. moulded in with the benchtop. Colour shown is called: Anthracite; also available in Black, White and Concrete.








Install guide

Tap ideas:
Gessi Emporio Proton Kitchen Mixer Tap with Pull Out Dual Function Spray 17177B

MFR warranty 5 Years
Gessi Emporio Pull Out Kitchen Mixer Tap 17053B

15 years Cartridge, 7 years Replacement parts, 5 years on Finishes, 3 years Labour

(E&S, Winning)

Floor tiles colour:








Attempt at matching benchtop colours to floor tiles:








What we use and our ideas.

Like every kitchen you collect things that never get used and use certain things all the time. Apart from the big appliances what do we use most (in no particular order):

  • coffee machine, toaster (4 slice, but will reduce to a 2 slice) and a kettle.
  • about two pots with steamer addons, one large deep pot, one huge pot, three types of pans (2 in picture on microwave), and a deep glass lid pan (in picture).
  • glad warp, baking paper and foil rolls (x1 each). We use baking paper and foil much more.
  • paper towels.
  • To hand cooking implements.
  • Two wooden cutting boards, two 1mtr long table boards, two nylon boards, a cooling rack.
  • Several baking trays and dishes, ceramic/stone, glass and metal coated.
  • 8 place setting crockery set, some odd and sod bowls, red plastic service bowls.
  • Cutlery.
  • Knife block.
  • Tea towels, a few small electrical appliances, and the kitchen odds-and-sods draw (chop sticks, garlic crushers, lemons squeezer, etc.).
  • Some plastic contains, but these are about to be all sent to recycling and a purpose fit set sought.
  • On bench are the to-hand cooking items, plus olive oil, salt etc. next to knife block in picture above.

Splashback idea

Above stove/oven measured on same size as 1745x710mm for sample purposes.  The colour pallet in the top right corner is for colour sampling with benchtop etc.

Our ideas (?):

  • The microwave in the above will disappear with the Siemens combo oven.
  • Thin pull out pantry (see pictures above for the idea) next to built in fridge. The built in fridge will give so much more space.
  • Pull out cabinet next to pull out pantry and next to cook top for the common cooking items used (spoons, whisks, ladles, olive oil, salt etc.).
  • To right of window, similar to the CD rack used on the bench to, a odd-and-sod pigeon hole cabinet, with a door cabinet on the benchtop that hides the coffee machine and toaster.
  • The oven and cooktop roughly in the same place. This is because the convenience of having the rangehood hole already there.
  • The sink roughly in the same place, however with holes to the rear to reduce the space lost to pipes, thus allowing there to be a pull out combo binny thingy underneath.
  • The dishwasher in the right-hand corner, under the bench, under the corner pigeon hole thingy.
  • The benchtop on the right becomes an island, with draws, and a breakfast bench overhang for at least 2 people.
  • The butt end of the ‘new’ island benchtop is to be on the left side 1/2 draws, on the right-side pigeon holes for wine bottles(?) and/or shelves for cook books etc.(?).
  • Corner near to the left is a tricky spot seeking a solution.
  • The high cabinets are seeking a novel solution. Swinging doors are annoying, there are new lift up cabinet doors, however there is a pinch point with the blind roller fitting.  Not sure what height Craig will want to go to, all the way to the roof or as they are now.  There are now pull-out pull-down cabinet shelving inserts that could be handy, saves reaching for that item on tippy toes (especially mother in-law).

These are just our ideas. We are after high functionality for the space, a little bit of timber use.

Timber use. The pigeon holes in the right corner to be timber across, with only the pigeon holes in the butt-end of the ‘new’ island bench to be timber, then may be the pull out thin pantry also being a timber strip façade (modern internal design).





Links to ideas:

Stone bench top colour chart: Simple Benchtops Dandenong

Polytech catalogue.

Ultimate Glass Splashbacks.     has high Google reviews.

House of Splashbacks.